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Lunchtime riches: Bidding the right small slam

Phil "Mr. MasterPoint" Ahr got such good cards at the Thursday luncheon meeting of our office Bridge Club that he had to pause several times to count his riches, like rich Uncle McDuck counting his money of the old comic books. Joan "Not Miss Timid Anymore" Rightnour even offered to run to her desk … [Read more...]

You win some, you lose some

LANCASTER, PA - Well, although I’m probably less than five points away from attaining my Life Master status now, I didn’t quite get there yet. At Sunday’s  four-person Swiss format team competition that ended the Lancaster, PA, Winter Regional duplicate bridge tournament (an ACBL-sanctioned event), … [Read more...]

When you have nothing: When to bid, when to pass

Having nothing doesn't always mean that you're off the hook and you can just sit back during the auction and pass all the time. There are occasions when you have to bid -- and then there are occasions when you'd better pass, even when your partner wants you to bid. It is admittedly different to … [Read more...]

Never let your opponents play 2 Hearts!

PIKESVILLE, MD - They raised money to build a new bridge club in the Harrisburg, PA, suburb of Camp Hill with a variety of fundraising techniques, including the sale of commemorative bricks at the entrance. When my partner Christine Matus and I played in the inaugural Sectional tournament there … [Read more...]

10-card trump suit: Stolen slam that should not have made

One of my regular partners, Christine Matus, and I wound up on different teams for last week’s mid-week  Swiss Sectional duplicate bridge tournament at the Bridge Studio of Delaware Thursday night and since neither one of us is very competitive (haha!) we were happy that each one of us walked away … [Read more...]