BYOB – that means ‘box,’ not booze

Homer said to beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Poker players know to be wary of anyone bringing his own deck to the table. But in Canada, no one has to be scared of any bridge player bringing his own bidding box to a tournament. They're just from Quebec City, the only place in Canada where for some … [Read more...]

To the Nines

My partner Christine and I had never enjoyed much success at bridge tournaments in knockout competitions, which offer great possibilities for winning MasterPoints in bunches. Usually we got knocked out in the first round and we would do well if we survived even one round. We turned the corner in a … [Read more...]

Nice guys finish last

My partner Christine and I keep brushing up against the periphery of the world at the top of the game of bridge where the professionals rule, and frankly, the more we see and hear about it, the less we like it. This past Saturday, we ventured out to the Jacksonville Remlinger Sectional tournament … [Read more...]

Two Floridians pick pockets in France

Vive la difference! In the second week of our two-week European vacation, my partner Christine and I started needing our bridge fix, and in advance we had arranged to play on Friday (5-29-2015) at the Club St. Honore just behind the Arc de Triomphe. And even though one of the other main clubs, … [Read more...]