DONT bridge convention

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This is a defensive bidding convention for the purpose of preventing the opponent from finding a good fit after one of them has opened with a One No-Trump bid.  If the opponents find a fit of their own in some suit, or the interference prevents the 1 NT opener from finding their ideal contract – in either case DON’T will have achieved its purpose. The invention of this convention is credited to Marty Bergen, who also gave his name to the Bergen raises convention. It is an acronym that stands for Disturb the Opponents’ No-Trump.

Under the DONT system, a double bid after a 1 NT opening means the bidder has one long suit. If the responder to the 1 NT opening passes, the partner of the DONT double bidder is supposed to bid 2 Clubs, inviting the DONT double bidder to mention his suit, or pass if it is Clubs.

A 2 Clubs bid means Clubs and a higher suit; 2 Diamonds would mean Diamonds and a higher suit; 2 Hearts means Hearts and Spades; 2 Spades means a natural Spade suit, but a suit not as strong as a long suit indicated by a double. 2 No-Trump means both minor suits.

After the first opponent has made the first DON’T bid in his preferred suit, his partner may pass if he has at least three0card support in that suit. If you have better support in the other (unbid but implied) suit, bid that suit. If the first DON’T opponent bid 2 Hearts indicating both majors, pass if you prefer Hearts or bid 2 Spades if you prefer that suit.

A raise in partner’s suit is invitational to Game, but never forcing.

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  1. Today I had my RHO open 1NT and I was holding a perfect 1NT with 16 points and a 4-3-3-3 distribution. What should I have bid?

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