The Bridge Burglar’s latest adventure

The Know-It-Alls

One of the surprises I got when I started directing duplicate games was how little some of the better players actually know about the rules and the laws of bridge – or maybe they do know the rules, but they try to bend them to their favor, intimidating everyone with their reputation as good players, so people will assume they know the rules, too. My partner Christine and I had such an experience on Black Friday (11-23-2018) when I was playing, not directing, and we came up against the Canadian snowbird Rob Colton, a solid A player, partnering with Jan Ward, a former president of the Vero Beach Bridge Club and an A player herself. I landed in a 2 Hearts part-score contract and after I had already lost three tricks, with everyone having four cards left, I claimed, putting down three trumps … [Read More...]

Of Slams and Captains

In all the time we’ve been playing bridge, my partner Christine and I can’t recall ever having had a stretch of games like this. At a club pairs game on Tuesday of this past week, we bid and made no fewer than five Slams on pre-dealt boards, more than anyone else in the field across three sections – the next closest competitors bid and made only four Slams and most pairs had only one. Then on Saturday in an 8-is-enough team game with our friends Gary B. Smith and Nancy Faigen, with hands we shuffled and dealt ourselves, we bid and made another five Slams, while our opponents playing the same hands at the other table found only one of them. Actually, at The Common Game on Tuesday (10-30-2018), there were a total of eight Slams to be had for East-West, but one of them was on a board … [Read More...]

No fear!

  A friend of mine once said that he likes bridge so much because anyone has a chance. If a decent club tennis player got on the court with Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, he wouldn’t win a single point; he’d lose every game 0-40 and the match 6-0, 6-0. However, in bridge, some hands just happen to be cold for 3 No-Trump (or whatever) and a decent club player can bid and play it just as well as a world champion, so you should be able to hold most people to at least 50% on many boards. A case in point was this past weekend’s Susan Rowley Memorial Sectional bridge tournament in North Orlando, Perry Poole’s new club that sprang up a few years ago as a result of his spat with the Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center. Poole, who had his games taken away from him at OMBC which … [Read More...]

The 70% Club

My partner Christine and I had the second 70-plus percent game of our bridge careers (8-30-2018) and we’re still sort of scratching our heads as to what lifted us to such exalted status. We got a special mention at our home club, the Vero Beach Bridge Club, and we’ll be listed in next month’s issue of the Gazette, our club’s newsletter, while we’ll also get our names in the next issue of the Sunshine Bridge News of District 9 (Florida). Ironically, I’ll have to submit it myself because it just so happens that I am the SBN liaison for our Central Florida Unit 240. We had a 71.31% game, good enough for first overall and 2.30 MasterPoints in a 13-table, one-section game where 11 of 26 pairs were A players (we’re only Bs). Director Arnie Summers said we consistently stayed at over 70% … [Read More...]

Down for the Count

My partner Christine and I don’t mind getting a bad score once in a while as long as we come away with a lesson – something that will help us avoid similar disasters in the future. Such was the case at the Palm Beach Gardens Regional tournament when we came away with a mediocre 1.09 Red MasterPoints from the tough A/X/Y pairs double session event (8-21-2018) that was littered with some of the country’s top pros. We got a low board (a score of only 1.5 out of a possible 23) on one board when we failed to get a ruff that seemingly everyone else got, allowing our opponents to make an overtrick. The problem was that I didn’t have an accurate count on my partner’s holding in my suit, not knowing whether she had two or three cards in it. So when we got home, we studied books on … [Read More...]

A New Ruby

Well, I made it. I went over 1,500 MasterPoints at our home club, the Vero Beach Bridge Center, on Wednesday (8-8-2018) and officially became a Ruby Life Master. I’ll get a letter from the (interim) CEO – the last one just got fired and no one seems to know why – of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), and at our home club I’ll get a nice plaque and will have my name announced at an upcoming game. My name will also be published in an upcoming issue of the monthly ACBL Bulletin, and hopefully several people will congratulate me, say they’re happy for me and proud of me and perhaps even mean it. That’s nice, but what does it all mean? The “interim” ranks of Ruby Life Master at 1,500 points and Sapphire Life Master at 3,500 points were introduced by the ACBL fairly recently as … [Read More...]

The best PASS I ever made

Various clubs in Florida, which probably has more bridge tournaments than any other part of the country, are experimenting with different formats to combat declining tournament attendance. To be sure, total tournament attendance is still up because there are more tournaments, and Regionals at Sea on cruise ships are growing by leaps and bounds (from 3 a couple of years ago to 9 or 10 next year). But some of the existing tournaments are struggling. Vero Beach earlier this year went to two days, Saturday and Sunday only, so as not to cannibalize its own popular Friday club games and classes. The Jacksonville Regional was moved to the World Village of Golf closer to St. Augustine, which seemed to have been a good move because attendance increased. In the fall, Melbourne will try a … [Read More...]

In Praise of Pre-empts

Personally I hate moving – I’ve done way too much of it during my life and don’t plan on ever moving again – but it must be said that a change of venue is good for some things. Take the Jacksonville bridge tournament, traditionally held just before or around the 4th of July holiday and the smallest of Florida’s 9 or 10 Regionals. Situated at a nondescript Marriott hotel right off an I-95 freeway exit, table count was heading down every year. So this year (2018) they moved it, less than a half-hour south along I-95 to he World Village of Golf Renaissance hotel in the Golf Hall of Fame complex, and renamed it the St. Augustine Regional, even though that charming old Spanish colonial city is just as far from the playing site as Jacksonville. But the change of scenery was a huge success and … [Read More...]

No-Trump Country

As is our custom during our travels, my partner Christine and I mixed bridge and sightseeing at the New England Monster Mountain Regional bridge tournament in Nashua, NH, in late June, but this time we encountered some glitches in both our bridge and in the touristy things we like to do. For starters, the famous replica of the Mayflower ship wasn’t at its usual mooring place next to Plymouth Rock in neighboring Massachusetts with its crew of historical interpreters who transport you into the past. It was hauled away to the Mystic Shipyard in Connecticut for repairs more than two years ago and may be there for at least another year before it is supposed to return all spiffed up in 2020 for the 400th anniversary of the landing of the pilgrims. “This is taking too long – they could have … [Read More...]

Down for the Count

In keeping with our tradition of trying to play bridge in foreign venues during our overseas travels, my partner Christine and I dropped in on the Eurobridge Club in Madrid, Spain on Monday evening (5-28-2018), and had a decent showing, coming in third overall — second among the East-West pairs — with a 61.3% game in a tough field. Since the top two pairs received small monetary prizes, we finished just out of the money, literally, but we were happy with our game anyway. Eurobridge apparently isn’t the biggest club in Madrid, but it is known as the toughest one. Its membership — and the Monday night attendees — includes several so-called “World Masters” who have represented Spain in World Bridge Olympiads and will be competing in the World Championships in Orlando in September. These … [Read More...]