The Longest Bridge Odyssey

It was an Odyssey that lasted almost two full years. For my partner Christine and myself, our participation in the 2019 North American Pairs (NAP) competition became a real rollercoaster affair with lots of peaks and valleys – fortunately it ended on a high note at this year’s Online Spring … [Read more...]

No-Trump Country

As is our custom during our travels, my partner Christine and I mixed bridge and sightseeing at the New England Monster Mountain Regional bridge tournament in Nashua, NH, in late June, but this time we encountered some glitches in both our bridge and in the touristy things we like to do. For … [Read more...]


My partner Christine and I had a successful weekend (10/9-10/11-2015) at the Sectional bridge tournament at our home club, the Vero Beach Bridge Center, earning Silver MasterPoints at every one of the four sessions we played and winding up with a total haul of 13 points. That was good enough for … [Read more...]

Snapdragon doubles bridge convention

Return to the Bridge Burglar's Guide to Bridge Bidding Conventions Nobody knows where the term comes from, but it’s a colorful name and you may want to adopt this offensive bidding convention just because it’s such a snazzy name. It is used to tell your partner that you have the only unbid suit, … [Read more...]