A Visit to ACOL

What does ACOL stand for? When you mention "bridge" and "Europe" in the same breath, the term ACOL always seems to come up and it's often surrounded with an aura of awe and mystery. It's supposed to be the oldest bridge club in London – and since everything in England is so old and since bridge … [Read more...]

From the cornfield to the concrete jungle

READING, PA and MANHATTAN, NYC - Talk about contrasts! At the beginning of the past weekend my partner Christine Matus and I played in a Sectional bridge tournament in the cornfields in rural Pennsylvania, and at the end of the weekend we tried our luck in a club game in Manhattan among the … [Read more...]

Ogust bridge convention

Return to the Bridge Burglar’s Guide to Bridge Bidding Conventions The Ogust bridge convention is probably the most exact system of determining what the real possibilities are for a partnership in which one partner opens with a weak 2 bid but the other has a good hand. The weak 2 opener no … [Read more...]