Good Garbage

To find the best contract after a One No-Trump opening bid, most duplicate bridge players play transfers with five-card Heart or Spade holdings to keep the big hand hidden from the opponents. They also use the 2 Clubs Stayman convention bid to ask for a four-card major and possibly find a 4-4 fit in … [Read more...]

Double the Fun

My partner Christine and I like to combine bridge and something else in our travels, and this past weekend (3/4-3/6/2016) it was bridge and baseball. On Friday we played in the Stuart Silver Sectional because it was the home tournament of Florida’s chief director Harry Falk, and we figured we … [Read more...]

Hot and heavy bridge action in Sin City

LAS VEGAS - I knew from past experience that Las Vegas Bridge World on West Flamingo Road in Sin City is a tough place to play. They’re cardsharps in much more than poker over there and usually nothing but A players show up so that the stratification for the B and C classes lies incredibly … [Read more...]

Stayman convention

Return to the Bridge Burglar's Guide to Bridge Bidding Conventions The Stayman convention (just like Jacoby transfers) is only used after a 1 No-Trump opening bid. It is also designed to find a fit for a Game level contract in a major suit, Spades or Hearts. Transfers make it easy to find that … [Read more...]