5 diamond sacrifice in Vero Beach

VERO BEACH, Fla - While on a weekend visit to Central Florida, my partner Christine Matus and I wanted to check out what is supposed to be one of the top five, eight or nine bridge clubs in the country, the Vero Beach Bridge Club. We were initially told that on Sunday, the day we had available to … [Read more...]

Stealing bids, parking spaces at the Black-Eyed Susan

PIKESVILLE, MD - The Black-Eyed Susan Spring Sectional duplicate bridge tournament this past weekend (March 22-24, 2013) in the Baltimore, Maryland, suburb of Pikesville turned out to be dangerous place for bridge burglars like me – but not necessarily at the bridge table. First of all, it was … [Read more...]

Stealing a win at the Blue Hen Sectional

WILMINGTON, DE - My partner Christine Matus and I seem to do best in bridge tournaments when we go some place where nobody knows us and we can fly under the radar. That wasn’t possible this past Saturday (2-23) at the Bridge Studio of Delaware’s Blue Hen Sectional when we both got mini-McKinney … [Read more...]

Stealing the bid: Is there a bridge burglarette in town?

Although I played twice last week at the Bridge Studio of Delaware with different partners and teammates and got some additional MasterPoints, I couldn’t find a good hand on the “bridge burglar” theme of stealing a bid or a contract. There was no clever trickery – if we got a good board, our … [Read more...]

What’s better – a bridge cruise or just doing nothing?

Joan "Not Miss Timid Anymore" Rightnour took a long hiatus from bridge and hadn't played since before Christmas when she sat down at the table for the Wednesday luncheon meeting of the PBP Bridge Club. Jason "Sailorman" Cohen, on the other hand, went on a week-long bridge cruise through the … [Read more...]